Electrical Contractor Success Secrets:

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Discover the 'Contractor Success Secrets' to Control, Manage and Grow Your Electrical, F&S & HVAC Business...

✅Grow Sales

✅Improve cashflow & profit

✅Implement smarter, lower-cost marketing

✅Function efficiently, freeing up your time

✅Achieve high standards of install on every job

✅Motivate workforce and recruit more effectively

Running a contracting business comes with its challenges, but you're not alone . . .

Dive into the Bright Contractor’s Success Secrets Sessions – a knowledge hub tailored just for contractors like you.  

Brought to you by Bright Business Advice, these FREE workshop recordings offer practical insights to help you Manage, Control, and Grow your business.  

Our dedicated coaches have one goal – making your business better and your life as a contractor easier.  

Uncover the answers to key questions in seven critical areas for Electrical Contractor success. Watch any of our workshops for FREE to find out how the Bright 7 sector model, created from 18 years of business coaching experience and turned into an Amazon best-selling book “Bright Business Transformation for Contractors,” can help you shape up your business in 2024 across:

Here's what's covered in each sector; watch any session in any order!

Sector 1: Leadership

Develop your leadership skills, engage with your people and develop a culture of where your team hold your values.

Sector 2: Management

Systemise and organise to make effective use of time and significant cost savings

Sector 3: Finance

Cash-flow is king - improve profitability to create a more solid and sustainable business.

Sector 4: Operations

Build customer loyalty - Provide outstanding customer service, to increase customer retention and generate more referrals.

Sector 5: Human Resources

Find great talent and build your team with a powerful culture to support the business as it grows, creating your high-performance team success.

Sector 6: Marketing

Implement, smarter, lower-cost marketing to attract more leads and customers without spending a fortune on advertising.

Sector 7: Sales

Achieve Rapid Sales Growth: Discover strategies that will allow you to generate large amounts of revenue, through better conversion rates in a shorter space of time.

The 7 Sector Orbit Business Growth System

To take the next step in your business journey you will want to MANAGE your plan, take CONTROL of your systems, team, and finances and GROW your customer base to achieve success.

The seven sectors is a system that makes your business work in each area as a well-rounded head, body, arms, legs as a personal trainer

We get the model, we lay your business over the top of it and see the best steps to increase business success.

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We've partnered with many industry experts such as:

We first found Bright Business Advice on a Facebook Advertisement, so jumped on the free webinar, and hand on heart, it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Bright have coached us to triple the size of our business in the space of just a few months.

He is very knowledgeable and knows business like the back of his hand. The team are very friendly and make you feel comfortable from the off. A truly valuable investment for our company and we plan to continue to grow and learn through the Bright Business Advice group.

Leon Thompson Safespark Electrical Services

As Emerson described exactly what we were going through in the business and he gave away so many things we should do and ideas to think about. Such as the strategy and marketing needed to build the business. As well as how to refocus yourself on your goals and determine what you want from the business.

Matt Spearman - Eco-lectrical

I found the information that Emerson gave on the online meeting valuable, plus the interaction with the other electrical business owners and their success stories that Emerson shared was really inspiring. Emerson opens your eyes to new processes and actions you never knew about that will make it easier to grow your business.

Duncan Grindley - Cambridge Electrical

I just wanted to thank Ian & Bright Business Advice for what he/they have done for us in such a short space of time . Before we met, I felt like I was failing in running my company correctly. I’d been going for 6 years and had not even enjoyed a family holiday in that time. Since working with Ian and the Bright community, we have moved into a new office and now get the time back to enjoy our holidays and my team are all reinvigorated by the changes. The time and lifestyle choices it has given me have been amazing.

Chris Brass - Ignite Facilities

Ian started coaching me when I was at an all-time low in my personal and professional life. Using his experience, advice, and the bright business 7 sector model I have been able to completely transform my business. We have tripled in size, our revenue is at an all-time high and we have the systems in place to absorb the growth. My team are engaged with our goals and we have an entirely new energy and revenue base in the business.

Adam Lloyd - Lumen Electrical

We were running ragged before we started work with Ian and Bright Business Advice. What struck home to us was the need to send our team out and do a great job every time. We have implemented new systems, grown our revenue by over 30%, and can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

Barbara Harland - Proklec Electrical Solutions

Get Access to the 7-Sectors Here:

Get Access to the Contractor Success Secrets to Manage, Control and Grow Your Contracting Business and Leave the Competition Behind

Here's a deeper dive into each sector:

Contractor Success Secrets Session #1


"Is your leadership making your team more productive?"

U.N.I.T.E. Leadership System:

Unify your tasks and time to get organised and lead your team to higher levels of performance, creating more time freedom for you.

Watch the explainer video and book your place


"Do you have structured business plans for achieving both business and personal goals?"

P.L.A.N.S. Management Process: Discover how to make a plan for business success and stay on track to achieve your business goals.

Watch the explainer video and book your place.

Contractor Success Secrets Session #2

Contractor Success Secrets Session #3


"Are you effectively managing profit margins, ensuring timely payments, and mastering cash flow?"

A.S.S.E.T. Financial Control System: Learn how to best manage your finances, grow your profitability, and maximise your cash flow.

Watch the explainer video and book your place.


"Is your team consistently delivering high-quality work efficiently and on time?"

W.O.R.K.S. Operational Efficiency System:

Optimise your service delivery, consistently install to high standards while delivering against tight project deadlines.

Watch the explainer video and book your place

Session #4

Session #5

Human Resources:

"Are you finding great talent and building a powerful team culture to support business growth?"

H.U.M.A.N. Performance HR System:

Find great talent and build your team with a powerful culture to support the business as it grows, creating your high-performance team success.

Watch the explainer video and book your place.


"Do you have a lead generation plan positioning you as a market leader that's cost-effective?"

L.E.A.D.S. Marketing Maximiser:

Use our market, message, media model to ensure marketing returns every time and a lead generation plan that really works.

Watch the explainer video and book your place.

Session #6

Session #7


"How well are you building relationships, conducting impactful sales meetings, and measuring sales success?"

C.L.O.S.E. Selling System:

Learn how to build relationships, optimise your sales success rates, and measure your output.

Watch the explainer video and book your place.

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Why Is Creating & Implementing the 7-Sector Business Model So Critical For Any Contractor Today?

Would you like manage, control & grow faster with Contractor Success Secrets to... 

  • Develop your leadership skills and strengthen your leadership teams

  • Plan and manage the structure of your business.

  • Financial Management that ensures your business makes accurate and helpful decisions.

  • Organise your operational systems and processes to be more effective and efficient.

  • Develop, engage, motivate your team and recruit successfully

  • Build a bigger client base with a carefully thought-through marketing plan using both online and offline tools and techniques.

  • Create a strong brand with a powerful message that excites your customers so that they will engage with you.

  • Improve your sales processes and skills to increase your conversion rate and make sure you win more opportunities.

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